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Brighten up your wardrobe and your mood with
our necklaces of many gorgeous c o l o r s.

They are handmade and crocheted in our family by grandpop,
grandmom, great aunt, and another aunt
and uncle in Lancaster Co.,Pa. and southern N.J.

The necklaces are light as a feather, so comfortable one isn't
aware that it is on. There are no clasps, go right over the head.

They are the perfect senior necklace, easy.
There is a gorgeous array of colors and varieties.
They are hand washable, do not lose their luster or body.
Many people find that they are sensitive to the various metals
used in necklace clasps, so our necklaces eliminate that problem.

The necklaces are beautiful, unique and practical.

Bet ya can't just have one!

In addition to the crocheted necklaces, we also sell jewelry we do not make. We have stunning crystal sets, ribbon necklaces, crystal antique bangle bracelets, semi precious stone cuff bracelets and more.

To order or for more information contact Karen Malone at 215.453.2582 or by email Click Here

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Ladder Yarn Necklace
       Crochet Necklace
 with pendant - $20 w/o $18
 Crystal bangle - $10-$12
Stone Bracelets
    Handcrocheted Ladder
       Necklaces - $18
Stone Bracelets
     A rainbow of colors.
     Cuff bracelets - $10
Crystal Set
       Crystal Set - $35
       They are stunning!
       Ribbon Necklace
       with pendant - $6
Glam Jewelry
    Cord w/crystal heart - $10
    Black crystal earrings - $10

Forgotten Ladies